Looking to boost your Sales, SEO and Social Media For a Fraction Of The Cost Of Traditional Advertising?

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A new and exceptionally cost-effective way to promote your business!

Quinndex Benefits...

✔️ Increase in sales for your Business.
✔️ Increased  traffic to your website & socials.
✔️ Huge improvement in SEO.
✔️ More visibility for your brand & business.

We've got you covered...

✔️ Cancel at any time.
✔️ 24/7 support.
✔️ Payment only in arrears.
✔️ No contracts.

Quinndex can help your business for only


Per Month-Paid In Arrears-Without Contracts

You can turn it on or off as required!

Quinndex’s hybrid word-of-mouth and traditional digital marketing system will make your business a more profitable one. See how it works in the video below!

YouTube video

An Increase In Overall Sales

We drive thousands of customers to your Quinndex premium business listing each month through a hybrid version of marketing that combines traditional word of mouth, modern digital techniques and rewards for consumers to shop at your business or use your service. This means more footfall and more online visitors, which of course means more revenue.

Improved Social Media Profiles

We use direct links to your social media profiles from our platform; then, through the vast amount of traffic we generate, this converts into potential customers looking for businesses like yours hitting your social media links. When this happens in the volume that we can generate, your social media stats will improve dramatically.

Benefit From Improved SEO

We use a double search algorithm that Google loves. Essentially Google lists all of our listings under a separate Quinndex folder; they also list them independently. This, by association, will dramatically improve your SEO, however, coupled with the amount of traffic we generate for your listing and, by proxy, your site and social media mean, your rankings will fly.

Quinndex has been a game-changer for my business! Before we started working with them, our sales and social media presence were lacking and we struggled to get noticed in search results. However, since partnering with Quinndex, we’ve seen a significant increase in both our sales and social media following, and our Google rankings have skyrocketed.


- Bark Reviews

I was a bit sceptical to start dabbling in SEO for my business, I wasn’t too sure on how it all worked. After being in touch with Quinndex, they made it very easy and clear to understand what was going on, after about 6 months I really started to notice a huge difference in the number of visitors and customers I was getting. 


- Bark Reviews

Heres how we do it!

We Search Engine Optimise For You

We state of the art techniques to search engine optimise your listing so that it ranks well for your weaker keywords but also all relevant keywords. This is done manually on a monthly basis.

Drive Huge Amounts of Traffic

We drive enormous amounts of traffic to your Quinndex Premium Listing via our Broadcasters using our unique word-of-mouth marketing system. All traffic will be looking for businesses like yours. 


Use a Double Search Algorithm

Using our nifty algorithm that search engines love, we get your listing with us really noticed; this, in turn, has a positive effect on the rest of your online presence meaning long-term visibility for your business. 

A Quinndex Success Story.

YouTube video

Don’t just take our word for it…

Take a look and see how this Manchester restaurant took a Quinndex Premium Listing and were boasting some awe-inspiring results.

Over the course of three months, Mackie Mayor search terms rocketed, with a click-through rate of over 55%, which is exceptional. Take a look at the success story video and see how they turned a monthly payment of £49.95 into a gross profit return of tens of thousands of pounds. 

Three Steps To Success!

Step 1

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page so we can check whether we can currently help your business. 

Step 2

We will be back in touch within 24 hours,If we cant help immediately we usually can in the very near future.

Step 3

Your listing is live, we search engine optimise, apply our algorithms and release our broadcasters, while you and your business reap the benefits of being Quinndexed.


Are there really no contracts?

Yes, that’s correct; we operate on a rolling monthly basis. If you want to stop at any point, you can do so simply with one month’s notice. If you want to reinstate your listing at any point to reinvigorate your business, just let us know, and we will reactivate it. You can switch the process on or off as often as you wish.

When do I need to pay?

When you are in the process of Quinndexing your business, in the signup process, we ask for payment details; however, no payment will be taken for one month. We always accept payments monthly in arrears. So if you come on today, you don’t pay us a penny for one month.

Why do you only list 2% of businesses?

If we listed every business, then everyone would be on an even footing, and there would be no benefit to having our service. Because we will only ever list 2% of businesses as an absolute maximum, if you Quinndex your business, you will be a member of a very select club that has exceptional benefits for your business. There has to be a “top of the pile”, and with Quinndex, you can be there.

Will it always be £49.95 per month?

We have set a fixed price of £49.95 per month and you will never be charged any more than this. This price will remain static.

How soon will I see results?

Sometimes you can see exceptional results quickly, i.e within the first month. However, it usually takes a little longer than this, i.e two to three months for great results but you will see some almost immediately.  The good news is that should you decide to switch off the service after, say, four months, when you switch it back on again, you won’t have to wait four months to get to the level you were when you switched it off, but instead, only a couple of weeks.

Can I list a franchise?

Yes, you can however each individual location is treated as a single business and the standard £49.95 per month applies.

More Bang For Your Buck!

When you choose to Quinndex your business, several things individually create a lot of traffic but give you more bang for your buck than spending 10-20 times as much with other traditional advertising and SEO methods. i.e. Google ads, Facebooks ads, Seo agencies etc.

Getting similar results with traditional advertising, whether digital or other, will cost 10 to 20 times per month more than the £1.65 per day Quinndex charges. It’s a small cup of coffee! Once our customers come on board, they tend to stay; hence we can keep our prices as keen as they are.


Per Month-Paid In Arrears-Without Contracts

You can turn it on or off as required!

There’s never been a better time to Quinndex your business!

Quinndex will only list 2% of businesses and never overpopulate with one particular type of business in a given region.  So if you’d like to see if we can help your business, please fill out the short form below, and we will come back to you ASAP.

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